Joy Truskowski weaves together a sonic quilt of harmonies, flute, percussion, and guitar live with a loop station to perform refreshing, catchy, and introspective original folk pop songs. Most of her songs come from dreams, and they convey a message of love, compassion, tolerance, revolution, and empowerment. Her voice is angelic, soulful, and haunting.


In addition to her originals, she plays a wide variety of cover songs ranging from Woody Guthrie to Katy Perry. Fans compare her voice to Joan Baez and Grace Slick. Her warm and engaging personality will get you singing and dancing along.


She has shared shows with Ben Solee, After Jack, Lobo Marino, Darrin Bradbury, and Alison Self. She plays at cafes, restaurants, farmers markets, wineries, brewing companies, dinner shows, churches, private parties and more!




Joy Truskowski has been playing solo gigs since she was 17. She grew up in Michigan, went to film school and worked as a video editor in Chicago, taught video skills to indigenous revolutionaries in Mexico for a few years, lived in an off-grid homesteading community in Copper Hill, Virginia for a year, produced, shot, and edited a documentary about intentional communities called “Seeking the Good Life in America”, then finally settled in Roanoke, VA. All the while she sang and played guitar and wrote songs mostly in the comfort of whatever home she was living in.


In 2009 she joined Another RoadSide Attraction, a local Roanoke band and played and sang with them for a few years. While with the band, in addition to guitar and voice, she picked up the melodica, doumbek (a middle-eastern hand drum), spoons, and rediscovered the flute she used to play in high school. She then discovered the magic of the loop station; she could combine all of these instruments in a live show herself! She realized that this is what she should have been doing all along! So she decided to devote more time to her own music. She left the band in 2012, played more of her songs in another band briefly, The Flying Davenports, and started playing solo gigs using the loop station to create songs live with multiple instruments, creative harmonies, and beat-boxing.


She produced and released two independent CD’s: Into the Wake in 2012 and What Does Your Heart Say? in 2014. You can listen to them or buy them on Bandcamp.


She’s working on a new CD that will be finished in September. Stay tuned!




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