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Music Together in Roanoke

Music Together is a program of classes to help toddlers and small children develop musically. We teach caregivers how to interact musically with their children (no matter what the caregiver’s musical skill level is), and this ensures that the child develops tone, rhythm, and a love for music in the vital early stages of life and learning. It allows children to learn by playing, at their own pace, and in their own learning style. It’s a truly inspiring program based on decades of child music development research. And it’s super fun! If you have or know a small child, check this out! It will change his or her life.


Girls Rock Roanoke

Girls Rock is a rock music camp for young girls. It’s open to all girls, no matter what their music ability is. Our mission is to boost confidence and empowerment in young girls, so that they feel comfortable being and expressing themselves. Girls form bands and during the course of a week they write a song together and perform it at the end of the week. They learn and experiment with drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, voice, and more. We have witnessed with our own eyes how girls come out of their shells, completely transform, and, often for the first time, confidently perform their own work on a stage before their peers, family, instructors, and fans. It’s inspiring! WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS – BOTH MALE AND FEMALE!


Seeking the Good Life in America

In 2010 I produced, shot, and edited a feature length documentary about intentional communities, often known as communes, where people share land and resources together in creative ways. I visited three different communities in Virginia (Light Morning, Twin Oaks, and Acorn), interviewed people, and then wove together the interviews while telling my own story of exploration. You can order a DVD using the link above. Or you can watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!



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